At Blue Dog Publishing our goal is to provide quality books at no charge to children and their parents. We want to help children learn how to read. And, do it for free for the families.

The books are quality books from known established publishers in the industry. A book you can find at most reputable book stores. These books promote good values and build good character traits in children of ages 4 to 8 years old.



You Pray For Me, I'll Pray For You!

You Pray for Me, I’ll Pray for You! is full of clever, rhyming stories about real-life situations that are illustrated with humorous and colorful artwork. Designed for 2 voices to read aloud, this book is perfect for new and beginning readers.

Reading is fun with the interactive Read Together series. Each book uses color-coded text and other exciting features to teach Bible stories or values.


Written by Phil A. Smouse 
Published by Standard Publishing